Satoshi Tajiri Still life

The Creator of pokemon anime Satoshi Tajiri is still life

Satoshi Tajiri photo
There appear some many rumor in japan about Satoshi Tajiri the creator Pokemon anime about is he still of not. Many of social network like twitter said when he was died like this one.
@xCyrusAndLovato that said: "The creator of Pokemon died today in the #tsunami, #Japan. RIP: Satoshi Tajiri. #prayforjapan". that all is not True. This massage had seince then stirred some trends on Tajiri's death on twitter according to

Tajiri then put stop the rumor by posting his own massage facebook account.
Tajiri said "dear hummingbirds ,what this nonsense about me being dead ?" news on twitter also clarified tweets that he is working for a commpany called Nitendo Japan. but that's all is isn't true he because he don't work at Nitendo Japan.

Along with the 45-year old Pokemon creator is “Hello Kitty” character creator Yuko Yamaguchi who was also confirmed alive after being reported dying amidst the devastating quake in Japan.

About Satoshi Tajiri :
Satoshi Tajiri is a japanese video game designer and also the creator Pokemon story and the founder of game freak. In high school Tajiri became fascinated with some arcade game , and put most of his energy into gaming and learning how to program. Tajiri has been named a video gaming innovator and made numerous list of the top, best ,or most influental video game developer. he also worked on numerous other game, including pulseman    

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