Kisame Hoshigaki Birthday

Birthday date of akatsuki member Kisame Hoshigaki

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First Happy birthday to kisame. Hi all Naruto fan at last Masashi Kishimoto the Naruto anime creator was choose March 18 as our akatsuki friend Kisame hoshigaki birthday. Who is Kisame ? Kisame is one of akatsuki member come from kirigakure he also one of fearsome and powerfull ninja out there.

Ninja Profil :

Name                 : Hoshigaki Kisame
Akatsuki ring       : 南 (minami)
Birthday              : March 18
Element              : Water
Home                 : Kirigakure
Akatsuki Partner  : Uchiha Itachi
About                 : Kisame hoshigaki kirigakure ninja / hidden mist village ninja, one of akatsuki member and become partner with uchiha itachi. he using one of 7 greatest kirigakure sword that can absorb enemy cakra power

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